Oh My!

Worry! Fear! Panic!  The coronavirus has produced a lot of worry, fear, and panic.  The quick spread of the coronavirus is concerning, but as Christian I need not worry or  be afraid. I still worry a little because the unknown is scary, but I need to remind myself that God has this and he is ultimately in control.  We trust him because he desires the best for each of us, and we can rest in the peace that he gives. There is no need for fear and worry.   

Most who get sick with the coronavirus will have mild symptoms.  That is the case for 80% of those who get it. About 20% get it bad and only about 1-2% of the cases will result in death. That 1-2% is about 10 times of what it is for the flu.  Those who are old or with fragile health are the ones at greater risk of serious complications.

As a child of God,  I should respond to the situation with love and concern for others.  It is those of old age or with fragile health that we need to be concerned about.  That is why taking the warnings and recommendations seriously is important. I don’t want to infect a vulnerable person.  I am doing a better job of washing my hands and doing it more often. I will do more disinfecting. I will go to less events, and I will be more careful at the events I do attend. The goal is to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.  I will be especially careful around those of fragile health or old age. The last thing I want to do is to infect them. That will mean more phone calls and less visits. I don’t want to isolate them either. And there may come a time when I could be of service delivering meals to those quarantined.  Those are my plans. What are yours? How calm are you? Don’t worry. Don’t panic. God is there for you with his love and peace.

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