The Newest Social Contagion

Have you ever noticed how an idea, attitude, or behavior will sweep over a group (or society) changing it?  It may be a good change or a bad change.  That is what is known as a social or behavioral contagion.  It behaves like an infection. People will see some behavior, think it to be cool, and then adopt that behavior or attitude. It is not necessarily rational.  It is similar to peer pressure.  It used to be that smoking was a social contagion. 

A brand new survey was released by Gallup makes me think that a new social contagion has swept across the country.  The survey counted the number of LGBTQ people there were.  In the youngest generation of adults, Gen Z (ages 18-23), the percentage of LGBTQ people was 16%.  That is about 1 in every 6 Gen Z persons.  It was 9% for the Millennial Generation (ages 24-40). And then it drops to 4% for Gen X, 2% for Baby Boomers, and 1% for those older.  

Most of the LGBTQ people (55%) consider themselves to be bisexual.  Of the Gen Z LGBTQ people, 72% of them consider to be bisexual, and 54% of LGBTQ Millennials are bisexual. (The percentage then drops off for the older generations.) Women are more likely to consider themselves to be LGBTQ than men, and LGBTQ women are more likely to be bisexual than LGBTQ men.

What can we say about this bisexual trend? Well many of the young actresses that were on the Disney Channel are now LGBTQ.  (In this article I count 10 actresses.)  Those ladies by their celebrity status promote the LGBTQ lifestyle, making it a cool thing. So I wonder if many of these bisexuals are really bi-curious (heterosexuals curious about same-sex sexual experiences, or vice versa). They also could just be avoiding the label of transphobic (having a prejudice against transsexual or transgender people).  I also wonder what is the influence of internet porn on their choices and lifestyle.  As you can tell I am having a hard time accepting this LGBTQ social contagion.    Maybe it really is a cool thing to be in today’s society, but I am concerned.  I can not dismiss it for the LGBTQ community is a powerful force in society today.

I am concerned for the LGBTQ people because I believe their lifestyle is not healthy,  They tend to have many sexual partners.  (That can be true of heterosexuals too.) There are about 50 STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and they all can be found in the LGBTQ community.   LGBTQ people also have high murder rate. Lesbians have a higher rate of physical violence and sucide  than a heterosexual females.  Gay men also have a higher sucide rate.  Gay men tend to have a median life span that is about 20 years (maybe 30 years) less than an average heterosexual. It is similar for lesbians. Though HIV plays a role in the reduced lifespan, it is not the defining factor.  It is a sad situation and one needs to be concerned about it.

And now the LGBTQ community is seeking special protected status in Congress with the Equality Act. It is, for the most part, the “Civil Rights Act” for LGBTQ people. (The act also would affect the abortion debate.)  I agree that every person needs to be treated with dignity and respect, but I doubt they need special protection since gay men and lesbian women are making “significantly more” money than their straight counterparts. The Equality Act would create a host of major legal changes that would cause a lot of problems for religious schools, religious organizations, women’s shelters, women’s sports, sex-specific facilities, and many more.  So I do not think that this act is needed since many of them are financially doing very well, and the LGBTQ community is already a powerful force in society today.  This social contagion has already swept the country.  I do not think it has been a change for the better. 

More information on the Equality Act from a conservative Christian perspective can be found here.

PS  The Equality Act (H.R. 5) has passed the House and is on its way to the Senate.  You can contact your senators and let them know how you feel about this bill.

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