Paul’s Rule of Life

A year ago, I suggested that having a “Rule of Life” might be better than New Year’s Resolutions.  A Rule of Life is a document of simple statements that create a pattern of life to live by.  In today’s world it is good to become more intentional and less reactive about how you interact with people and with God.  I have created some “rules” or “habits” for me to follow. Below is my “Rule of Life” document.

Paul F. Hein’s Rule of Life

Listed below are some of the “rules” or “habits” of life that I try to follow.  The motivation for all “habits” listed below is:

Jesus Christ, who out of love, gave his life and rose from the dead to restore life to me and for all in the world. And now his Spirit empowers me that I might have a wonderful and abundant life in him.  For this reason I am his disciple and out of gratitude I try to live my life to his glory.

Spiritual Activities and My Relationship with God

  • Be intentional and disciplined about growing spiritually.
  • Daily read Scripture..
  • Pray as often as possible.
  • Weekly gather together with other Christians for worship.
  • Give of my time, abilities, and finances to support Christian ministries.
  • Serve with others in Christian ministries.
  • Follow all that Jesus has commanded.
  • Daily repent and turn from my sins so that I might be renewed and restored.
  • Share my faith with others that do not know Jesus so they may come to know Jesus.
  • Share my faith with those that do know Jesus to encourage and help them grow in their faith.

Interactions and Relationships with Others

  • Be intentional and disciplined in my relationships with others.
  • Remember all people are important.
  • Make my relationships a priority.
  • Be kind, loving, generous, and gracious toward others.
  • Listen to people and try to understand where they are coming from.
  • Ask for forgiveness to those I have done wrong to or have wrongly offended.
  • Promote peace in my relationships, and as much as it is possible be at peace with everyone.

Healthy Living

  • Be intentional and disciplined in living healthy.
  • Walk daily to exercise.
  • Limit the eating of sweets and fats.
  • Eat healthy foods most of the time.
  • Eat small portions and limit seconds.
  • Take vitamins.

Service Opportunities

  • Be intentional and disciplined in my serving.
  • Be open to all opportunities that arise.
  • Be willing to step out of my comfort zone.
  • Do my best while serving.

Paul F. Hein’s Rule of Life as of 27 December 2022

One thought on “Paul’s Rule of Life

  1. This is praise worthy my friend! Would you let me anonymously share it when I do some speaking in February???

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